Meet Our Staff

Grandmaster Dong Jin Kim

9th Dan Grandmaster Instructor

             The owner of the U.S. Martial Arts Academy, and the Grandmaster instructor that teaches and supervises all classes is Grandmaster Dong Jin Kim. Grandmaster Kim’s commitment to his craft and his kind and gracious manner contribute to his true gift as a teacher. Grandmaster Kim is not only an accomplished martial artist, but also dedicated to the art of teaching martial arts in a way that is effective and clear to people of all ages and skill levels. His love for all of his students shows in his teachings with personal attention and help to all students that need it. All Martial Arts schools are not the same, so in order to become the best, you must learn from the best at the U.S. Martial Arts Academy.


  • Korean Army Instructor

  • Korean Police Instructor

  • American C.I.D. Instructor

  • American Army Instructor

  • Internationally Recognized for Excellence in the Martial Arts

  • Master Instructor Level Training 

Head Master Baek Lee

7th Dan Master Instructor

             Head Master Lee has earned national recognition for his martial art skills and teaching methods in Korea. He has also contributed to the SWAT team and police to save many hostages and citizens safe from criminals. Throughout his professional career, he learned self-defense in many forms. 

             Master Lee currently directs all his efforts to bring the benefits of Martial Arts to the local community. Below are his many past titles and accomplishments.


  •  World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters Certified Instructor

  •  US Hap Ki Do Black Eagle  Illinois State president

  •  US Tae Kwon Do  Chung Do Kwan Director

  •  USAT Tae Kwon Do Certified referee

  •  Korea police Academy Hap Ki Do Instructor (1998)

  •  Korea State Police Headquarters Tae Kwon Do Instructor(1998)

  •  Korea SWAT Team Head Instructor (1999 - 2002)

  •  Korea Presidential and Vip Guard (1999 - 2002)

  •  2002 Korea World Cup Guard

  •  2000 Asia - Europe President Meeting Guard (ASEM)

  •  Hap Ki Do State Sparring Team 1996-1997

  •  Hap Ki Do National Demonstration Team (Black Eagle, 1993- 1998)

  •  Tae Kwon Do State Sparring Team 1999-2000

  •  Korea SWAT Team Champion 2002

  •  Came to the USA in 2002

Master Lee
Master Rosemary Mongolis 

5th Dan Master Instructor

             As the lead instructor of U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Instructor Mongolis has been training and involved in teaching martial arts for over twenty five years. Having been raised in a martial arts culture, she is able to draw from the traditional values of martial arts while keeping the programs up to date on new teaching methods. Her dedication to refining the children’s program to enhance the students’ experience continues to be her passion. She promotes not only an environment that challenges the students to develop their martial arts skills, but also keeps the class fun and engaging. 

 Chris J.  Lee   

4th Dan Lead Instructor

            Instructor Chris is one of the lead instructors of U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Instructor Chris has been training from 4 years old

He has been instructor since freshman of high school and has been a role model of respect and discipline to his peers and junior students


Now as one of the lead instructors of U.S. Martial Arts Academy, he would like to share his experience with junior students

Dana Meecham

3rd  Dan Instructor/Office Manager

            Mrs. Meecham has been at the Academy for 15 years.  As one of the Instructors, Mrs. Meecham focuses on working with the Young Tigers and Lions. Drawing on working with children for the last 18 years, Mrs. Meecham loves teaching children to grow in body, mind, and spirit through Martial Arts.