International Martial Arts Association

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U.S. Martial Arts is a proud member of the International Martial Arts Association (IMA) in combination with another strong Academy, BH Martial Arts.  International Martial Arts Association is an International Organization that focuses on building strong Martial Arts Schools where students can enjoy training, but also develop their full potential for a strong, healthier mind and body.

I.M.A was established and is currently run by Master Lee and Master Yoon.  For both Masters, there was a passion to contribute their experience and knowledge to the larger community.  They wanted to pass on warmth and peace to their community by focusing on not only helping students learn to protect themselves and their friends from bullies but also educate them on how to build a good and productive life by building positive behavior and developing the confidence needed for a successful life.  The program has found success as it integrates into the student’s daily life by setting and respecting home rules, setting goals and reporting and communicating their accomplishments as well as identifying areas needing further improvement.  I.M.A’s methodology focuses on structure, accountability, and enjoyment as fundamental to students achieving these goals.

As I.M.A looks to the future, an additional Academy location will be established in 2022 and by 2023 an additional 2 schools will have joined the Association.  During this same time frame, year long internship programs become available for additional Masters to develop and share their skills throughout the Association.  U.S. Martial Arts is excited to be part of the International Martial Arts Association and is looking forward to sharing resources and development in combination with BH Martial Arts and future schools that join I.M.A.

Fill out of form to get started with a free private trial or if you are a school interested in joining International Martial Arts please contact Master Lee at 630-790-0097